A downloadable game for Windows

Jade Run is a hand-drawn action game about smashing golems at billion miles per hour while getting your brains shattered by the pure hecticness of the run.

Hope you like the idea.

Kick, flip, gong, charm & curse your way to glory in this crazy fast, randomly generated running adventure. Every run guarantees a unique adrenalin rush. Each time the level is generated live based on your current performance – no two runs will ever be the same.

Feel the flow as you obliterate the Jade Golems in your path, feel the vibe of mystical speed, feel the glorious riches filling your pockets and get lost in the rythm of Jade Run!



This build of Jade Run was released for #wathtajam, Android and iOS versions coming in Q4 2014! If you like the game - let me know on twitter :)

Published Jul 19, 2014
Tagscharm, curse, golem, gong, jade, jade-run, run


Jade Run 34 MB